Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Certificate in Computer Forensics

The Graduate Certificate in Computer Forensics funded by Microsoft Corporation, National White Collar Crime Center and the U.S. Secret Service is intended to provide expertise to individuals who are either currently in the computer and information technology industry, or have academic credentials to enter this field while being engaged in law enforcement. By providing systematic courses treating the law enforcement aspects of computer use, business and industry will gain a new level of protection from cyber-criminals who threaten to disrupt society not only by individual acts of theft, but even by bringing the commercial activities of an entire Internet-based society to a standstill.

Over the past twenty years there has been a tremendous increase in the use of computers and computer networks to drive the information processing that forms the infrastructure of modern business. Some of the major assets of a company, namely its intellectual property and records of its financial assets, are held in computer systems. The modern criminal has therefore begun to focus more and more on the potential rewards of tapping into the company's assets illegally, using computers as the fundamental means of committing these crimes. Add to this the fact that enemies of the country also find it advantageous to conduct their attacks using computer and information systems, one quickly realizes the enormous threat posed by exposed computer systems, computer networks, and uneducated employees.

Criminals are generally ahead of law enforcement personnel and even business, industry, government, and academia's own computer systems staff and management. High quality graduate education in this field should help prevent such criminal activity and indeed help in tracking the perpetrators of such crime.

The Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (LDCSEE) offers a Graduate Certificate in Computer Forensics (CF). By providing systematic graduate courses in this field, our graduates and others should be better prepared to assist business, industry, government, and academia in attaining a new level of protection from cyber-criminals.